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  Wire and Yarn Bracelets

By: Lauren Johnston
Techniques: Wire Wrapping 
Skill Level: Beginner 
•24 gauge Artistic Wire colors of your choice (Rose, Lemon & Peach used in photo) 
•Gold End Caps with loops
• Gold Lobster Claws
•Gold 4mm Jump Rings
•Yarn in a variety of textures
•Nylon Jaw Pliers 
•Hand Held Drill 
•Wire Cutter 
•Chain or Bent Nose Pliers



Step #1

Cut 48in pieces of the following: 3 different yarn colors/textures, 2 pieces of the same color 24 gauge wire.

Step #2

Place all 5 cut pieces about together, fold in half and wrap around item to hold it stable (I used wire shelving unit to wrap around).  

Step #3

Wrap cut ends of wire/yarn with small piece of masking tape and insert these taped ends into drill. Twist with drill and remove from item holding it in place. 

Step #4

Fold in 1/2 again; adding 2 additional pieces of wire approximately 24in each (It will depend on how tightly the original piece was twisted.) 

Step #5

Place all pieces over stable item and secure all ends together with additional masking tape. 

Step #6

Twist with drill until you have desired effect. 

Step #7

Remove from item holding it in place. 

Step #8

Cut one end of bracelet blunt. 

Step #9

Place some Fabri-tac on your fingers and rub it into the end you just cut to stabilize the piece. 

Step #10

Measure wrist, add 1/2in and cut the other end blunt to this size. Stabilize with Fabri-tac.

Step #11

Apply additional glue to cut ends and insert one or two bracelets into caps (depending on size of cap) and allow to dry completely. 

Step #12

Attach jump rings and lobster claws to ends of bracelet. 

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