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  Wired Topiary Cards

By: Lauren Johnston
Techniques: Making Wire Swirls & Stamping
Skill Level: Beginner
Wire Swirls 
• 26 Gauge Wire: Seafoam Green, Kelly Green 
• Beadalon: 
• Wire Twister 
• 8 ½ x 11” Cardstock: Cream, Beige, Red, Mint• Rubber Stamps: Clay Pot, Small Flower, Med Flower, “Bloom” or desired word, Colorbox Pigment Inkpad: Brown, Mint, Watermark Stamp Pad, Clear Embossing Stamp Pad, Clear Embossing Powder, Heat Tool, Scissors or Paper Cutter Small Piece of Fun Foam or other cushion, Needle Tool or Pin, Fabri-Tac Adhesive, 3-D Adhesive Foam, Red-Line Adhesive, Circle Template, Disappearing Ink Pen.
• Nylon Jaw Pliers
• Wire Cutter



Step #1

For each card, cut cream cardstock 2 1/2 x 7 1/4” and stamp with Pot on lower half of card, using Brown Embossing Ink. Emboss with Clear Embossing Powder.

Step #2

Stamp and emboss “bloom” or desired word below the embossed pot.

Step #3

Stamp and emboss an additional pot on scrap of cream cardstock and cut out close to edges. Set aside.

Step #4

Cut colored cardstock (red and/or mint) to the following measurements: 3 3/8 x 8 1/8” & 3 x 7 ¾”. Cut an opening in the smaller piece that is 2 ¼ x 6”.

Step #5

Stamp small flower on both red cardstock pieces with clear embossing ink and emboss with clear powder *(only necessary to stamp outside edges of larger piece, as it will be covered by the stamped piece).

Step #6

Stamp larger flower on mint cardstock pieces with Watermark stamp pad.

Step #7

Adhere cream piece to larger red or mint stamped piece with red-line tape.

Step #8

Using template, draw 2” circle with disappearing pen for large topiary and two 1 ¼” circles for smaller topiaries.

Step #9

Use Fabri-Tac adhesive to adhere swirls within circle. Each circle takes 19 swirls, although I suggest laying them out first before gluing to card. Once dry, continue to next step.

Step #10

Using Wire Twister, twist 2 strands of 26 gauge Seafoam Green wire and 2 strands of 26 gauge Kelly Green wire together for a total of 4. Follow instructions and twist tightly. You will need about 6” of twisted wire.

Step #11

Determine placement of twisted stem and attach with wire staples (see next step), extending about ½” below rim of stamped pot.

Step #12

Attaching with wire staples: make tiny holes with needle tool or pin (place on foam cushion to do this) in several locations on each section to be attached. Make 1” horseshoe shapes with 26 gauge matching wire. Insert these horseshoe shapes through the tiny holes and secure by flattening on the back of the cardstock.

Step #13

Apply 3-D foam tape to back of extra pot, avoiding a strip down the center to allow room for the wire stem. Adhere over previous pot.

Step #14

Cut beige cardstock for the card 8 x 9” and fold in ½ so card measures 4 x 9”.

Step #15

Stamp outside edge of card with word stamp, using brown pigment ink.

Step #16

Stamp outside edge of card with word stamp, using brown pigment ink.

Step #17

Adhere stamped, frame piece of red or mint cardstock over completed topiary, using 3-D foam tape.

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