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  Twisted Mesh Necklace/Lariat

By: Fernando Dasilva
Techniques: Stringing 
Skill Level: Advanced
•Beadalon components:
•4 gold-plated large hole Tierra Cast bead caps
•2 gold-plated fancy head pins – 321A-180
•1 10mm copper color Artistic Wire Mesh 
•1 set gold-plated mesh clasp 
•40 copper #3 crimp tubes 
•Beadalon stringing glue 
•2 - 18mm crystal light bronze twisted crystal bead -  article # 5621
•2 – 18mm large hole crystal copper roundelles - article 5041
•Design beading scissors 
•Round nose pliers 
•Semi flush cutters 
•Flat nose pliers



Step #1

Feed the following items onto a head pin: twenty copper tubes, a bead cap, a crystal roundelle, another bead cap. Use round nose piers to make a simple loop on top of last copper tube. Trim excess wire. Make a second this and set aside.

Step #2

Twist one of the ends of mesh until it becomes sharp and thin enough to fit through crystal twisted bead.

Step #3

Place an overhand knot 5 inches away from one of the ends of mesh. String one twisted bead onto the mesh and place it against the knot. Make a second knot on the opposite side of twisted bead so it’s secured in place.

Step #4

Cover ¼ inch of mesh’s end with stringing glue. Let it dry and trim using scissors. Use flat nose pliers to fold mesh three times and then attach mesh clasp.

Step #5

Open jump ring from step ‘A’ abd attach to mesh clasp.

Step #6

Repeat all steps to finish other side of necklace.

Step #7

Ruffle up sections next to end of lariat twisting and stretching mesh gently.

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