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  Thank You Card

By: Julianna Hudgins
Techniques: Beginner Jig
Skill Level: Beginner 
•Artistic Wire 22 gauge Non Tarnish Silver 
•Swarovski Size 20 Topaz stones 18 pieces 
•60 small round beads and 24 decorative beads 
•Hero Arts Hero Hues A2 Folded Card Latte 
•1 piece 3 ½ x 5 Bazzil Sunburst Metallic Paper 
•Sentiment Stamp of choice and coordinating ink 
•Tooth Pics, paper plate
•Artistic Wire Beginner Jig with Flower Pattern  
•Beadalon Wire Cutters, Round Nose Pliers, Flat Nylon Jaw Pliers 
•Adhesive Tape Runner
•T-Pin or Beading Awl

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Step #1

Cut 3 pieces of Non Tarnish Silver Artistic Wire 24 inches long. Using your round nose pliers make a loop at one end of wire. Place flower pattern under Beginner Jig (fig. 1) and insert pegs as shown. Using one piece of pre cut wire place end of wire with loop on first peg as shown in photo at Start point. Wrap wire completely around next peg and then up and over larger peg. Repeat this step again around next peg and second larger peg. 

Step #2

Very carefully remove two larger pegs and move over to next two marked holes as seen in figure 3. Continue these steps until flower pattern is completed.

Step #3

Carefully remove finished flower from jig and place to side. Complete 2 more flowers using steps from above.

Step #4

Gather flower together and twist ends together. Using Flat Nylon Jaw Pliers flatten petals and square off tops as shown in photo.

Step #5

Place one finished flower in center of Sunburst Metallic paper. Using T-Pin or Beading Awl poke hole on each side of flower.  

Step #6

Cut a piece of Non Tarnish Silver Artistic Wire 1 inch long. Fold in half to make a horseshoe shape staple. Insert staple into holes on paper to secure flower.

Step #7

Pull staple all the way through holes and spread wire open and lay flat. Using your round nose pliers make loops at each end of wire so staple is snug against back side of paper and will not pull out. 

Step #8

Using E6000 glue, place crystals on round loops of flowers as shown in photo. Refer to finished image for placement of other two remaining flowers.

Step #9

Keeping wire pieces in circle, starting at the 12 O’clock position and working to the right, gather one piece of wire from the 12 and 1 positions and string small bead through both wires.

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