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  Summer Fun Bracelets

By: Katie Hacker
Techniques: Stringing and Knotting
Skill Level: Advanced
• Satin Silver .8mm Elasticity
• 3-5 collectible charm beads
• 2 silver fold-over cord ends 
• 4mm silver jump ring
• 6mm silver jump ring
• Silver heart lobster clasp
•Chain-nose pliers
•Beading scissors
•Large safety pin




The overhand knot spiral is a quick, simple macramé knot. Be sure to tie each knot in the same manner so the knots spiral evenly around the cords.

Step #1

Cut one 2-yard and six 18" lengths of Elasticity.

Step #2

Hold the cords together and place one end inside a fold-over cord end.

Step #3

Use a safety pin to attach the cord end to a pillow, macramé board or other work surface.

Step #4

Place the long cord under the short cords to form what looks like the letter "P", then pass through the resulting loop to make an overhand knot.

Step #5

Continue tying knots until the desired bracelet length is reached.

Step #6

Attach a fold-over cord end, then cut off any extra Elasticity.

Step #7

Pass the knotted bracelet through 3-5 collectible charm beads.  

Step #8

Use a 4mm jump ring to attach the clasp to one end of the bracelet.

Step #9

Attach a 6mm jump ring to the other end of the bracelet.


Alternatively, you can use coiled cord ends to finish the knotted portion of the bracelet. Instead of using collectible charm beads, use beads with holes that are large enough to fit over the core cords and attach them evenly spaced on the bracelet

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