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  Summer Fun Bracelet

By: Dale "Cougar" Armstrong
Techniques: Involved components, basic coiling
Skill Level: Beginner/All
Don't be bored on a rainy day! The focus of this design is on the fun-to-make link. Use your favorite colors, get caught up in making coils and create a necklace!
•21-gauge square silver-plated German, each link = 3 1/2-inches 22g round 
•Artistic Wire = 2, 5yd spools (or more depending on your color choices) 
•10 or 12mm trigger clasp, with attached jump ring = 1
• 10mm twisted, closed jump rings = 5 to 7 for a bracelet, more for a necklace
•Nylon covered or plain Round-nose pliers
•Needle Chain-nose pliers 
•Wire cutters 
•Coiling Gizmo Deluxe



Step #1

Step #1

For each link, on the smallest crank rod, coil a 3-inch length of Artistic wire. Carefully remove the coil and set it aside.

Step #2

Virgo Necklace Step #2

Straighten, measure and cut 1 piece of 21g square silver-plated wire, 3 1/2-inches long. Use needle chain-nose pliers to form a small loop at one end.

Step #3

Virgo Necklace Step #3

Slide the 3-inch long Artistic Wire coil onto the square wire, until the end fits against the loop.

Step #4

Virgo Necklace Step #4

Use needle chain-nose pliers to form another small loop at the opposite end of the silver-plated wire, securing the coil between the loops.

Step #5

Virgo Necklace Step #5

At one end of the component, place the tip of round nose pliers between the small loop and the coil. Carefully roll the pliers, causing the coiled wire to follow, forming the first small coiled loop. Move the pliers up the coil a bit and continue adding a curve to the coiled wire.

Step #6

Virgo Necklace Step #6

Slide a twisted jump ring onto the end of the coiled component, all the way down and inside the loop created in Step 5. Using round-nose pliers, in the opposite direction, make another loop and a half at the top of the coiled segment.

Step #7

Virgo Necklace Step #7

Continue creating and attaching coiled links until the bracelet is the desired length. Attach the jump ring on the chosen clasp to the last twisted, closed jump ring. Make sure there is another twisted closed jump ring at the opposite end to hook the clasp into and your Summer Fun linked project is complete!

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