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  Silver Passion Necklace

By: Fernando Dasilva
Techniques: Wire Looping
Skill Level: Advanced
•38 silver-plated 4mm round jump rings 
•8 – silver plated triangle pinch bails 
•30 silver-plated medium ball head pins
•8 – 4.5 x 6mm silver-plated oval jump rings 
•1m – 18mm silver color Artistic Wire mesh 
•1 set silver-plated mesh clasp 
•Beadalon stringing glue 
•8 - 8mm antique crystal pink wild heart pendants by Swarovski Elements
•30 - 30mm opaque white bugle beads  

•Design Beading Scissors 
•Round Nose Pliers 
•Semi Flush Cutters 
•Flat Nose Pliers 



Step #1

Close one pinch bail around top holes of a heart pendant, and then attach one 4mm jump ring to its loop. Make 7 more of those and set aside. 

Step #2

Feed one white opaque bugle bead onto a head pin, and then make a simple loop on top of bead using round nose pliers. Make 29more of these and set them aside.

Step #3

Split chain in half. Attach lobster EZ lobster clasp to one of the end kinks of chain section and then close it gently.

Step #4

Open an oval jump ring and attach to, and then to first link of chain section, from top to bottom. Attach a second crystal pendant on the same link of chain but on opposite side.

Step #5

Open another oval jump ring to attach one heart pendant followed by a bugle bead dangle to link right below the first link. Repeat the same on the other side of link.

Step #6

Continue adding bugle bead dangles to links of chain section. Remember to attach one bugle dangle to each side of each chain link. Last bottom link of chain should have only one bugle bead dangle. You must finish with a cascade tassel.

Step #7

Cover a ¼ inch of each end of silver mesh with stringing glue. Let it dry and make a clean cut using scissors.

Step #8

Use flat nose pliers to fold one end of mesh three times utilizing pliers itself to determine the width of folder. Once is ready add a little bit of stringing glue and then insert into the mesh clasp. Use flat nose pliers to close it down carefully.

Step #9

Open a 6mm jump ring, attach to loop of mesh clasp and then attach tassel through lobster claps.

Step #10

Repeat all steps to make matching pairs.

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