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  Psychedelic Tiara

By: Fernando DaSilva
Techniques: Spiral Maker
Skill Level: Beginner
•1 rhodium-plated plain tiara 
 •Artistic Wire 18 gauge in the following colors: gunmetal, lemon, silver non-tarnish 
Swarovski Elements: 11 6mm crystal stone flat (desired color variety)
•Spiral maker standard size 
 •E600 glue 



Step #1

Cut three 7-inch pieces of gunmetal wire. Follow packing to create spirals. Make sure you twist the handle until desired size. Six full turns will make size used to embellish the tiara. Do not cut tails of spirals.

Step #2

Cut four 7-inch pieces of lemon wire. Repeat step 1 to create four spirals.

Step #3

Cut four 7-inch pieces of non-tarnish silver to create four spirals. Those can be slightly smaller than the other two.

Step #4

Assembling: Take a silver spiral and pass the tail through one of the first loops of the tiara’s frame. Wrap the tail around the frame of the tiara on that small area between the loops. Trim excess wire. Use nylon jaw pliers to gently squeeze wrapped section against tiara’s frame.

Step #5

Continue adding spirals on the following pattern: Gun metal, lemon, silver, lemon, gunmetal, lemon, silver, lemon, gun metal, silver. Once the spirals are positioned standing parallel to tiara’s frame, move them back and forth to create a 3D effect.

Step #6

Add a small dab of E6000 glue in the center of a spiral and place flat back crystal on top of it. Make it more interesting randomly mixing the colors of stones.

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