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  Pantone Party Jewelry Set

By: Margot Potter 
Techniques: Twisting, beading and cutting wire. 
Skill Level: Beginner
•Size 6/0 orange and pink seed beads
•24 6mm pink rounds
•20 gauge Artistic Wire in silver plated tangerine and fuchsia
•26 gauge Artistic Wire in chartreuse
•20 gauge Artistic Wire in tarnish resistant silver
•2 silver tone lobster clasps
•4 6mm silver tone jump rings
•2 dapped and coiled silver tone ear wires
•(Screw for Gizmo)

•Coiling Gizmo
•Round nose pliers
•2 pairs chain nose pliers
•Flush cutters
•(Electric Drill or manual Screwdriver for Gizmo)



Step #1

To create the tubes and beaded beads, you’ll need to use a Coiling Gizmo.  The Gizmo should be secured to something before working. We attached it to a 2x4 using a screw and an electric drill.

Step #2

Use the larger of the two rods.  Start with the plain wire beads first.  Wrap orange wire around the arm of the tool to secure.  Holding wire in your hand between thumb and forefinger, begin turning the handle on the Gizmo.  The wire needs to be taught to allow it to coil around the dowel.  Continue coiling until you have a 6-7” segment of coil. Remove from dowel with flush cutters.

Step #3

Cut 11 1” coils from large coil.  Cut one of these in half.  These will become the beaded coils.

Step #4

To make the green beads, use the green wire, securing as before.  Make a long coil.  Remove from dowel.  Thread a second wire on the dowel.  Begin coiling turning about four times, thread the first coil on the wire, The coil should begin wrapping around the dowel, turn thee times, cut off longer coil segment.  Wrap core wire around four times and remove from handle.  Repeat this process to create 8 coiled beads.

Step #5

To make the beaded beads, attach a 7” segment of orange wire on to the dowel.  Wrap around 5 times, add 17 seed beads.  Slide the seed beads down flush to the coil, wrap.  The beads will coil around the dowel.  When you reach the final bead, wrap 5 times more.  Remove from dowel.  Repeat to make a total of 8 beaded beads.

Step #6

To connect the beads, you’ll need to thread them all with a core wire.  Loop both ends of the core wire to make double looped segments you can attach like a rosary chain.  The orange coils have a 6mm bead on each end; the smaller coils are for your earrings.  There are two green coils that have an orange seed bead on both ends and only a single loop at the top of each. These are for your earrings. Remember to add these before you loop!

Step #7

To make the necklace attach a jump ring to the end of one beaded bead and connect the segments together by opening and securely closing the loops like a rosary chain in the following order after the first beaded bead: beaded orange coil, green bead, orange coil, beaded bead, orange coil, green bead, orange coil, beaded bead, orange coil, green bead, orange coil, beaded bead, orange coil, green bead, orange coil, beaded bead.

Step #8

Attach a second jump ring and a clasp to the open end of your necklace.  Check back through loops to ensure they’re all securely closed.

Step #9

The bracelet has a jump ring on each end and a clasp on one.  The segments are in the following order: orange coil, beaded bead, green bead, beaded bead, green bead, orange coil.  Check back through the loops to ensure they’re all securely closed.

Step #10

You can make some matching earrings using the smaller coils.  The two green coils with orange beads fall to the bottom.  Attach the shorter orange coils to the top. Add the ear wires and secure closed.

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