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  Lacy Ruffle Bracelet

By: Margot Potter 
Techniques: Twisting, beading and cutting wire and mesh.  

Skill Level: Beginner
•8mm silver Artistic Wire mesh 
•26 gauge Artistic Wire tinned silver wire 
•2 6mm silver tone jump rings 
•15mm silver plated medium swivel lobster clasp
•7 15mmx10mm Czech glass grey with silver windowpane beads 
•24 3mm black faceted Czech glass rounds

•Flush Cutters 
•Round Nose Pliers
•2 pairs Chain Nose Pliers



Step #1

Begin by gently stretching ruffles into the wire until you reach the desired length.  Just tug on each side leaving the center flat.  Leave about ¼” or so on each end to twist and wrap.

Step #2

Grasp wire end and twist tightly. Use 26 gauge wire to tightly coil wrap the twisted ends, making a loop on the end of the wire with round nose pliers to connect to the clasp. Thread open wire end of loop into mesh.  Cut off excess wire on other side and gently tuck under using chain nose pliers.

Step #3

Attach a jump ring to one end and a jump ring and lobster clasp to the other using chain nose pliers to secure rings closed with tension.

Step #4

Cut off a 22” length of 26 gauge wire and wrap three times around coil on the left side of your bracelet.  

Step #5

Thread wire into mesh at start of bracelet and add one windowpane bead. Thread wire back into bracelet so bead is on a slight angle facing one side of bracelet and back up (this is like sewing the beads on your bracelet.)  Add four 3mm beads, pull wire tightly and thread into bracelet.  Bend wire into a slight curve, the beads will be threaded on the bracelet in a gentle ‘s’ curve, this gives the design the appearance of movement.

Step #6

Continue sewing beads on bracelet, keeping wire ‘thread’ tight, adjusting as you progress and bending smaller bead segments into curves with your fingers.  When you reach the final bead, thread the wire into the bracelet, back up and around the coil three times tightly.  Cut off excess wire and tuck tail under using chain nose pliers.  

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