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  Kumihimo Flat Braid and Chain

By: Leslie Rogalski
Techniques: Kumihimo 
Skill Level: Advanced
• Beadalon Square Kumihimo Loom
• 6 pieces 24".015 beading wire
• Bead Fix Squares
• Medium chain with links that open
• 2 fold-over crimp ends with loops
• 22g Artistic Wire
• 2 end cones large enough to contain fold over crimp ends
• 1 clasp set
•Chain nose pliers
•Round nose pliers
•Wire Snips



Step #1

Follow loom instructions to braid a 6 strand cuff 6" long. 

Step #2

Use Bead Fix square strips to secure each end for a 5" braid, and trim wire ends to the square. 

Step #3

Use pliers to secure each end in a fold-over crimp with loop.

Step #4

Use pliers to open one end link of the chain and close it through the crimp loop at one end of the kumihimo braid. Repeat to connect the other end chain link to the other fold over loop.

Step #5

Use a 3" piece of Artistic wire to make a small wire loop through the crimp loop. String the long wire end through one end cone, pulling the fold over crimp inside the cone. 

Step #6

Make a neat wire wrapped loop at the narrow end of the cone to snug it to the braid and chain. Repeat to add the cone to the other end of the bracelet.

Step #7

Open an end link of chain to add to the bracelet length and attach clasps to the wrapped loops, or simply use jump rings to attach the clasp.

Kumihimo Braiding Disc: Creating a Flat Braid

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