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  Jump Ring Charm Bracelet

By: Clarissa Johnstone
Techniques: Jump rings and wire worker tool
Skill Level: Beginner
•Artistic Wire 20 gauge Non-tarnish silver 
•Beads of your choice
•Round Nose Pliers 
•Wire Cutters
•Wire Worker
•Needle nose pliers



Step #1

Using Artistic Wire's Wire Worker, use the larger of the two metal mandrels, make a coil about half the length of the mandrel. 

Step #2

Remove the coil from the Wire Worker. Using the wire cutters, cut down the full length of one side of the coil to create jump rings.

Step #3

To make the chain start by attaching one jump ring to one side of the clasp. Continue attaching jump ring to jump ring and closing each jump ring using the round nose pliers. Continue until desired length and attach other side of the clasp.

Charms & Bead Links: Step #1

Using different lengths of wire, make apirals or other designs with the round nose and nylon jaw pliers. Make a loop at the end to attach to the jump rings on the completed chain. Repeat, making as many as you would like. 

Step #2

Using extra jump rings or create more if needed, slide a bead on an open jump ring. Attach the jump ring with bead to chain and close using round nose pliers. Repeat, making as many as you would like. 

Step #3

To create hanging bead links cut a piece of wire about 1 1/2in depending on size of bead. Loop about 1/2in of wire around jump ring on the chain. Bend the wire around itself two or three times using the needle nose pliers and cut of any excess. Slide a bead on the wire. Create a corkscrew or spiral large enough to hold the bead on. Repeat making as many as you would like. 

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