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  Istanbul Necklace

By: Katie Hacker
Techniques: Wire Wrapping, Wire Coiling & Coiling Gizmo.
Skill Level: Advanced
20-gauge black Artistic Wire 
• 1 ½ loops of continuous ring-size Beadalon memory wire
 • SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Beads: 5 crystal bronze pearl 6mm round, 5 fuchsia 8mm round, 5 Capri blue 8mm round, 5 Indian pink 8mm rondelle, 5 crystal golden shadow 8mm rondelle, crystal golden shadow 14mm stairway
 • 44 antique brass 4.5mm TierraCast Turkish spacers
•Round-nose pliers 
•chain-nose pliers 
•nylon jaw flat-nose pliers 
•wire cutters 
•Coiling Gizmo with thin mandrel 
•Nylon hammer 
•Bench block



Step #1

Wrap wire tightly around a thin mandrel to make a 5" long coil. String a spacer, pearl and another spacer onto the memory wire ring, then cut the coil to cover the remainder of the ring. Set the left over piece of coiled wire aside for the clasp.

Step #2

Lightly hammer the coiled wire to work-harden it, then cut a 16" length of wire and coil it around the ring below the beaded section. Pass the wire across the ring, add a crystal, and coil once around the opposite side of the ring. Pass back and forth across the ring, adding one bead of each color as shown. Add a few more passes without beads to strengthen the piece.

Step #3

Continue wrapping until the wire is in a position to cross upward toward 12:00 on the ring. Coil it once around the top center of the ring, then pass thorugh spacer, stairway bead and spacer.

Step #4

Make wrapped loop beaded chain with each crystal sandwiched between two spacers in the following color pattern: Indian pink rondelle, Capri blue round, crystal golden shadow rondelle, fuchsia round, crystal bronze pearl. Repeat the pattern four times but don't attach the last fuchsia round or crystal bronze pearl.

Step #5

Cut a 3" piece of wire and make a loop on one end. Pass it through the left over coil from Step One and make a loop. Cut off any extra wire. Bend the coiled wire in an "S" shape, then lightly hammer it to work-harden the wire.

Step #6

Make wrapped loops to connect a bronze pearl link to the pendant and one side of the S-clasp. For the last fuchsia round on the beaded chain, make a large wrapped loop.

Step #7

To fasten the necklace, pass the large fuchsia link loop onto the upper half of the S-clasp.

Artistic Wire Coiling Gizmo

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