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  Hearts on Wire Necklace

By: Margot Potter
Techniques: Pliers & Deluxe Wire Jig 
Skill Level: Beginner
•18 gauge Gun Metal Artistic Wire
•18 gauge Natural Artistic Wire
•Deluxe Wire Jig 
•Artistic Wire Nylon Hammer 
•Artistic Wire Nylon Jaw Pliers 
•Sparkle Chain Nose Pliers 
•Sparkle Round Nose Pliers 
•Sparkle Flush Cutter Tool



Step #1

Begin by placing a 3/16” peg in a slot. Moving to the left, skip two slots and add a 5/16” peg. Add a ¼” peg between the first two moving three rows down. You will form your hearts around these pegs.

Step #2

Cut off a 4 ¼” wire segment. Wrap one end of the wire loosely around the larger peg creating the larger heart loop. This should be a tear drop shape rather than a circle.

Step #3

Wrap wire down around lower peg and back up to the outside of the smaller peg on the right, wrapping wire around to create a smaller heart loop. This second loop is a circle shape. Cut off all excess wire flush to inside sides of heart.

Step #4

Remove wire from pegs and make any adjustments with your round and chain nose pliers. I like to crease the bottom point using the chain nose pliers to give it a sharper bend.

Step #5

Use nylon hammer to flatten wire, this will help it maintain its shape when worn. This process is called work hardening. Use the edge of the hammer to add texture to the hearts.

Step #6

Create 6 gun metal and 6 copper hearts.

Step #7

To connect hearts, make 11 s-hook figure eights with gun metal wire. Cut a 1 ½” segment of wire, mark center and use round nose pliers to bend a loop at the top and bottom, the loops are opposite one another in direction. This makes a figure eight. Cut off any excess wire and use chain nose pliers to tuck the ends in. Open and close figure eight ends around heart loops using chain nose pliers to connect them together.

Step #8

To make the coil charms, cut a 2 ¾” wire segment. Take the very end of your round nose pliers and turn a small loop. Grasp wire in your chain nose pliers and wire end in your fingertips. Work wire around itself into a coil and continue until you’ve wrapped around twice leaving a longer tail at the end. Cut to approximately ¼” and use round nose pliers to bend wire backwards from the front, creating a bail. The loop is perpendicular to the front of the coil so these will hang forward when attached to your hearts. Hit the coil with a nylon hammer to flatten and ‘work harden.’ Open bail with chain nose pliers and attach to bottom of hearts, securing closed. You will need six of each color wire; they should each hang from the same color heart

Step #9

To make a clasp, use two ¼” pegs and a 1.5” wire segment to form a larger figure eight. For the hook, place the 5/16” peg in a hole and a ¼” peg in the hole two spaces away on the same row. Wrap a 2 ¾” wire in an s pattern around pegs. Use round nose pliers to turn a small loop in one end of your hook. Make a slightly larger loop in the other end, this larger loop is where the hook will attach to the necklace. Grasp the larger loop with chain nose pliers and turn so it is perpendicular to the hook. Attach larger loop to one end of the necklace and the figure eight connector to the other. Feed the hook into one loop on the figure eight to secure the necklace when worn!

Artistic Wire Deluxe Jig Kit

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