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  Great Balls of Wire Necklace

By: Leslie Rogalski
Techniques: Wirework
Skill Level: Beginner
•22" of 3/8" gunmetal Artistic Wire mesh (or desired length)
•7 metal birds nest beads, gunmetal color (Sweet Beads, AC Moore)
•56" of 20 gauge Artistic Wire, seafoam green or turquoise color
•6 Beadalon 8mm gunmetal jump rings
•2 Beadalon gunmetal fold-over ribbon crimps and jump rings
•Mandrel or slim, non-tapering rod to coil wire
•Round nose and chain nose pliers
•Wire snips



Step #1

 Cut 8 pieces of 8" of 20g Artistic wire. On one piece, make a small hook at one end and loop through a couple loopy wires of 1 nest bead.

Step #2

 Pull the wire fold slightly in half so the nest bead sits in the middle of the wire. Use the rod to make a smaller version of a nest bead with the 20g wire: Wrap the wires in opposite directions around the rod in a haphazard way, but keeping the wraps close together on the rod. Coil until you have about 1" ends, and use your round nose pliers to wrap and tuck them around between the two beads. 

Step #3

 Remove from the rod and use a round nose pliers to coax the Artistic wire nest bead into more of a rounded shape; grab individual wire loops and twist them into position.

Step #4

 Use pliers to open 1 jump ring and string through one wire at the top of your Artistic wire nest bead; using only one wire allows more dangle movement. Close the jump ring securely.

Step #5

 Repeat Steps 1 to 4 for a total of 7 beads.

Step #6

 String the mesh carefully through each jump ring. Bring the two mesh ends together, letting the beads cluster at the center of the mesh. The mesh will fold naturally in half lengthwise where it passes through the jump rings.

Step #7

Make sure the mesh ends are of equal length, and tie a square knot 1" above the cluster of nest beads.

Step #8

Use chain nose pliers to crimp the mesh ends in the fold-over crimps. Attach a clasp finding to each fold-over crimp loop with jump rings.

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