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  Gratitude Journal

By: Julianna Hudgins
Techniques: Artistic Wire Beginner Thing-a-ma-Jig
Skill Level: Beginner 
•Artistic Wire Copper Mesh 
•Artistic Wire™ Rose, Lemon, Amethyst, Seafoam Green  & Natural 
•Artistic Wire™Wrapper Antique Brass Round
•Spellbinders Grand Calibur Die 
•Spellbinders Dies, Positively Me by Julianna, #LF-013 Jewel Goddess, 
#S5-097 Jewel Treasures and #S5-098 Jewel Stones
•Spellbinders Premium Craft Foils
•TSUKINEKO, Staz-On inks Jet Black, Rusty Brown and Opaque Cotton White
•Luminarte Radiant Rain paints: #26408 Teal Zircon Mist, #26402 Egyptian Gold Mist, #26399 Copper Mist 
#26406 Ginger Flower Mist, #26428 Yellow Rose Color Concentrate  
Royal Langnickel Engraving Art Copper Foil COPF810
•ShurTech Brands Duck Tape Pink Zebra Pink 8.25 x 10 sheet
•Composition Book 9 ¾ x 7 ½ Wide Ruled 100 Sheets or Journal of Choice Privileges
•Zebra fabric to cover Composition Book or material of choice
•Cheetah fabric to cut out stone or material of choice, Duck Cloth for Goddess Body 
•20 pcs Size 20 flat back Rose Swarovski crystals, 2 each 8mm Round crystal beads 
•Artistic Wire Beginner Thing-a-ma-Jig
•E6000 Glue
•Beadalon Curved Tweezers
•Beadalon Nylon Jaw Pliers
•Wire Twister
•Round Nose Pliers
•Flat Nose Pliers
•Wire Cutters
•Spellbinders Die Cutting Machine



Step #1

Cover Composition book with fabric of choice using Aleene’s Super Thick Tacky Glue. 

Step #2

Using the Luminarte Radiant Rain paints spray random colors onto material. Cover entire piece with Egyptian Gold for extra sparkle. Let dry.

Step #3

(A) Using your Spellbinders Grand Caliber Die Cutting & Embossing Machine, Cut the Following dies out of the coordinating materials Jewel Goddess Large: Cut only 2 each painted pieces, 1 each Zebra sheet & Grand Caliber Die Packaging (Note, this is a great way to reuse, recycle and repurpose your packaging). (B) Cut small triangle stone from Cheetah Cloth. Cut & emboss Crown from Teal Foil. Cut & emboss 1 Oval Stone from Art Copper Foil. Cut & emboss 3 Small Goddess’s from Art Copper Foil. (C) Add 9 crystals to crown after cutting and embossing using E6000 adhesive, set to side to dry). 

Step #4

Using the Stampendous Stamps and TSUKINKO inks (A) randomly stamp onto painted material with Jet Black ink and (B) plastic material with Opaque Cotton White. 

Step #5

(A) Cut one of the Large Goddess’s at the embossed lines separating the torso from the bottom. (B) Fold the bottom part in half, length wise and cut. (C) Keeping the two pieces together and using small scissors randomly cut slits into two straight sides creating the look of feathers. 

Step #6

(A-D) Cut 1 yard each of the Lemon, Rose & Amethyst wire Using the Wire Twister, Twist 3 colors of wire together. Tips: You can use the bracket from the Deluxe Coiling Gizmo to secure one end of the wire, while twisting the other ends with your Wire Twister tool.  It is very important that all of your pieces of wire are even in length and tight as you turn the wire twister tool. Make sure that you are keeping even tension as you twist. Continue twisting until the wire breaks off where the tool and wire meet. 

Step #7

Using the Beginner Thing-a-ma-Jig, place jig on top of pattern and insert pegs wherever there is a dark circle. Form twisted wire medallion into shape by following pattern and instructions below. Gently lift finished piece and place bottom loop in top peg.  Repeat pattern and steps above until all wire is used.  Note: you should have 4.5 completed icons at the end. Insert excess piece of wire through bottom loop. Secure straight ends with Round nose pliers.

Step #8

A. Cut several pieces of different colored wire 5 inches long. B. Make a small loop at one end of wire using round nose pliers. Holding loop with flat nose pliers begin working wire into itself to form a swirl. C. Make a small loop at end of completed swirl. 

Step #9

(A) Cut 12 inches of Lemon Wire. (B) Secure wire to neck of wire wrapper. (C) Wrap wire around wrapper securing wire in grooved notches.

Assembling The Goddess

Step #1

Adhere rose crystals and wire swirls randomly to Wings & Goddess Torso. String finished jig piece onto wire mesh and wrap around Goddess waist and twist to secure at side leaving a tail about 5 inches long. 

Step #2

A. Stretch mesh out to create a dimensional look and twist. Insert beads into bottom opening of mesh and secure again to secure ends. Add wire wrapper to bottom loop of jig piece. B. Sand Oval stone to expose copper, stamp Believe and adhere to Goddess. •Adhere Crown. Adhere embellished Goddess and Wings to journal using thick tacky glue.  Note: Wings will need to be trimmed to fit Goddess body before gluing. Sand small goddesses and randomly attach to inner pages exposing top torso only. •Adhere Plastic & Zebra Goddess cuts randomly to inner pages.

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