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  Golden Waves Necklace

By: Katie Hacker
Techniques: Stringing and Knotting
Skill Level: Beginner
•18mm silver Artistic Wire Mesh 
•18mm antique brass Artistic Wire Mesh 
•.30" diameter silver Beadalon 49 
•22-gauge fancy round antique brass German-Style Wire
•Silver EZ-Crimp clasp 
•6 silver head pins 
•2 silver lines crimp covers 
•Six 12mm crystal SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

• Round Nosed Pliers
•Chain Nose Pliers
•Wire Cutters
•Crimping tool or EZ- Crimping Tool 

Tip: Lark's head knots. 

Step #1

Pass a head pin through a crystal bead and make a basic loop above the bead; repeat for six beads.

Step #2

Cut four 7" silver and three 7" antique brass lengths of Artistic Wire Mesh. 

Step #3

Cut a piece of Beadalon 49 to the desired necklace length and pass one end into an EZ-Crimp clasp. 

Step #4

Use a crimping tool or EZ-Crimp tool to squeeze the crimp onto the wire, repeat for the other end.

Step #5

Fold a piece of antique brass mesh in half and place the fold across the center of the beading wire. 

Step #6

Pass the ends through the folded loop and pull the Lark's head knot tight.

Step #7

Knot two pieces of silver mesh and one piece of antique brass mesh on each side of the center.

Step #8

Attach a beaded head pin between the knotted silver and gold mesh, then pull the edges of the mesh apart to create wavy, ruffled dangles.

Step #9

Attach a crimp cover to the wire at each end of the knotted section

Step #10

Coil twisted wire around each side of the knotted section for half an inch.

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