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  Gilded Lantern Earrings

By: Leslie Rogalski
Techniques: Wirework/ Mesh
Skill Level: Beginner
•16" of 3/8" gold colored Artistic Wire Mesh
•2 size 8mm Darice glass pearls (Burnt Orange shown)
•2 Beadalon gold colored ball end head pins
•2 Beadalon size 3/8" wide fold-over ribbon crimp findings
•2 Beadalon fish hook gold colored ear wires
•Scissors to cut mesh
•Mandrel or slim, non-tapering rod to coil wire
•Round nose pliers
•Chain nose pliers



Step #1

 String 1 glass pearl on a ball end head pin. Wrap the head pin wire around a rod or mandrel forming a coiled loop. Make sure the loop is snug to the pearl. Keep the coil on the mandrel and bend the coil slightly to sit directly over the pearl's hole. Make two.

Step #2

 Cut 8" of 3/8" gold mesh. Fold in half, end to end. String one pearl dangle over the folded end to the middle of the ribbons. Stringing over the fold avoids possible fraying of the mesh at the cut ends. 

Step #3

 Bring the folded end and the two cut ends together. This forms a loop of the two ribbons with the dangle falling to the middle.

Step #4

Use a chain nose pliers to crimp a 3/8" fold-over ribbon crimp to capture the folded end and cut ends of the mesh. Make sure to push in any stray wire threads from the cut ends so they are within the crimp. 

Step #5

Gently pull each mesh loop out at all the sides, forming petals like spokes in a wheel. Spread the petals out, folding the front and back mesh ribbons to make a more dimensional shape. 

Step #6

Attach an ear wire to the loop of the fold-over crimp finding.

Step #7

Repeat Steps 2-7 with the other coiled pearl dangle for the second earring.

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