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  Ghost Necklace

By: Fernando Dasilva
Techniques: Stringing & Epoxy Clay
Skill Level: Advanced
2 silver plated curved heart wrappers
•3 antique brass marquee wrappers 
•2 silver plated marquee wrappers 
 •3 hematite curved wrappers 
 •1 hematite hexagon wrapper
 •18 inches of elongated hematite chain
 •18 inches of round link hematite chain 8 
•1 ft Beadalon 49 Strands .024”black stringing wire
 •14 hematite 6mm jump rings 
 •1 ft hematite Artistic Wire wire 
 •3 gold plated fancy head pin 
•2 hematite 8mm jump rings
 •8 inches of AW black mesh 
•2 peacock rectangle Labrador Czech glass beads by John Bead
 •1 pack of white DeCoRe® epoxy clay
•round pointed stones: jet pp21, crystal silver shade pp21/pp23, and crystal light dourado pp21/ pp23
 •6 inches of four rows pink crystal mesh
•Mighty crimp tool 
•Round nose pliers blue sparkle 4 
•Chain nose bent blue sparkle pliers 
•Semi flush cutter blue sparkle



Step #1

Split the amount of DeCoRe® clay in two portions. Follow package instructions to mix the two parts enough to be use with 6 wrappers. Cover the package tight and set aside.

Step #2

Take one wrapper and spread the clay all way around the inside frame of component. Use amount enough to create a small domed area.

Step #3

Cut crystal mesh in 6 small sections that will fit within the wrapper. Cut 3 similar pieces of black Artistic Wire mesh leaving a large portion of AW mesh as it is. Set them aside.

Step #4

Take a single piece of the crystal mesh and lay upside down on your work area.

Step #5

Press one of the sides of the wrapper against the back of the crystal mesh.

Step #6

On the opposite side begin placing little crystals onto the clay. You can use a toothpick with bee wax on its tip to pick the crystal stones. To place it onto the clay add a quick twist so the stone can adhere to the clay surface. Begin filling the area around the component first, then move to as second row of stones placing the stones up and between the first row. this will create a pave look. You can also be more instinctive and create your own pattern on top of DeCoRe. Set aside on flat surface to air dry.

Step #7

Create similar charms using all the other wrappers or as many as you desire. Remember to replace crystal mesh with pieces of Artistic Wire mesh on some of the charms as well. Once clay is cured a long bow will be done with it.

Step #8

Once you have all wrappers with DeCoRe® crystallized take a 4 inch piece of hematite AW and wrap around outside edge of one wrapper using the notches to hold wire in place. Repeat with three more wrappers and set aside.

Step #9

Feed one peacock glass bead onto a fancy head pin. Make a wrapped loop on top of bead and set aside. Repeat 2 more times using the other beads left.

Step #10

Cut a 3-inch piece of stringing wire. Feed a crimp tube onto wire and insert opposite tip of the wire back onto the same tube hole. Trim excess wire. Make 5 more of those circles and set aside.

Step #11

Straight up both pieces of chain and attach them using 3 jump rings, placed on both ends and in the middle.

Step #12

Use two jump rings to attach lobster clasp to chains, securing them together.

Step #13

Once all the charms are done place them and the glass bead dangles evenly throughout the chain securing them with the same jump rings used to attach the charms.

Designer Tips

* DeCoRe takes 40 to 1hour to begins hardening and after that stone crystals will not stay input. I suggest you only mix small portions in the beginning and make 3 components at a time. * Use the picture of the piece as guidance. Necklace is a little be more complex on making the charms but not assembling components together. * Create your won combination of charms…you can use only one style, only one metal…make it your won version and then send us the picture. * Let the necklace sit for 24 hours so the clay finish the process of air drying.

Artistic Wire Wrappers

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