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  Funky Wired Bottle Necklace

By: Julianna Hudgins
Techniques: Stringing & Coiling Gizmo
Skill Level: Beginner
•Artistic Wire 20G Non Tarnish Silver and Natural wire 
• Artistic Wire 24G Non Tarnish wire 
• Artistic Wire Deluxe Coiling Gizmo 
• Beadalon Wire Cutters and Round Nose Pliers
 • 6 Large decorative beads 
• 36 6mm – 8mm round beads with holes that will accommodate 20G wire
• E6000



Step #1

Using the E6000 glue with a tooth pic add the crystals to each side of dice in numerical order 1 through 6 as shown in photo. Let dry in between sides for at least one minute at a time depending on environment that you are working in. Set finished dice to side.

Step #2

Cut long coils into 2 inch pieces, stretch the coils and set to the side.

Step #3

Make one coil 3 inches long and set to the side.

Step #4

Thread 24G Tarnish resistant Silver wire through 3 small beads, long decorative bead and through 1 small bead. Bring wire back through all beads to secure and make loop at end of wire to hang. 

Step #5

Wrap 3 inch long coil around neck of bottle and secure ends together using your round nose pliers

Step #6

Attach decorative beads to coil using your round nose pliers.

Step #7

Attach stretched coils to coil using your round nose pliers.

Step #8

Randomly stretch and bend beads and coils to create funky look as seen in photo.

Step #9

Randomly wrap Tarnish resistant Silver and Natural wire around top half of bottle. Create decorative swirls at each end for finished look.

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