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  Funky Dice Necklace

By: Julianna Hudgins
Techniques: Coiling Gizmo
Skill Level: Beginner
•Artistic Wire 22GA Rose, Lemon & Tangerine 1 spool each
•Artistic Wire 20GA Non Tarnish Silver 1 spool 
•Beadalon Deluxe Coiling Gizmo 
•Beadalon Silver Chain #340B-010 
•Beadalon Silver Lobster Clasp
•Swarovski Size 20 Peridot crystals or color of choice 21 pieces 
•Lime Green Dice 1 each
•Tooth picks & Paper plate
•Spiral maker standard size 
•E600 glue 



Step #1

Using the E6000 glue with a tooth pic add the crystals to each side of dice in numerical order 1 through 6 as shown in photo. Let dry in between sides for at least one minute at a time depending on environment that you are working in. Set finished dice to side. 

Step #2

Using the Rose and Lemon colored wire make a coil using the Deluxe Coiling Gizmo with the second to largest rod 4 inches long. Remove coil from rod and only cut wires from bottom of coil. 

Step #3

Insert Tangerine wire into bottom of coil and let coil slide down wire.

Step #4

Wrap end of Tangerine wire around second to largest rod handle and make a coil about ½ Inch long.

Step #5

Slide original rose and lemon colored coil up to meet rod and wrap around handle. 

Step #6

Guide the coil up and over the rod by pushing the handle of rod forward and by guiding coil with thumb and pointer finger.

Step #7

Continue to wrap coil on rod until coil is complete. Finished end by making a matching ½ Inch long tangerine coil at end.

Step #8

Remove Wire Bead from Rod and cut off from spool. Cut wires from top.

Step #9

Holding Wire Bead by small tangerine coils gently stretch wire bead apart careful not to distort shape.

Step #10

Cut a piece of Non Tarnish Silver wire approx 8 inches long. Using round nose pliers make a loop at one of wire.

Step #11

Insert straight end of wire through tangerine coil.

Step #12

Insert wire through dice.

Step #13

Insert Wire through top tangerine coil. Using round nose pliers make random loops with excess wire. Add pendant to chain with Lobster clasp. 

Artistic Wire Coiling Gizmo

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