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  Fleur De Lis Bracelet

By: Katie Hacker
Techniques: Stitching Artistic Wire Mesh and Findings
Skill Level: Beginner
Bracelet – 6-8"
•10mm antique brass Artistic Wire Mesh
•18mm brown Artistic Wire Mesh
•Antique brass ends with clasp and extension chain
•.006" black Wildfire
•#10 beading needle 
•6mm gold jump ring 
•Antique gold fleiur de lis charm from TierraCast
•Size 6/0 matte gold seed beads from Toho

•Chain Nose Pliers
•Wire Cutters

Tip: To backstitch through a row of beads: Load three beads onto your threaded needle. On every third bead, stitch through the mesh and through the bead again to secure it.



Step #1

Cut a 5-1/4" length of brown Artistic Wire Mesh. 

Step #2

Without cutting the antique brass mesh, layer it on top of the brown mesh and use chain nose pliers to attach the finding to one end. 

Step #3

Pull the edges apart to ruffle it slightly and layer it on top of the brown mesh. 

Step #4

Cut the ruffled antique brass mesh to the same length as the brown mesh.

Step #5

Hold the layers together and attach the finding to the end of the mesh pieces.

Step #6

Cut a yard of Wildfire and use it to thread the needle. 

Step #7

Tie a knot in the end of the thread and pass it through one end of the mesh from back to front. 

Step #8

Backstitch through the first bead, then add three more beads. (see tip)

Step #9

Continue adding beads until you reach the end of the bracelet.

Step #10

Backstitch through the last bead, then knot the thread on the back of the bracelet.

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