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  Fashion Cards

By: Lauren Johnston
Techniques:  Gluing paper and pearls 
Skill Level: Beginner
Materials: •Small piece of fun foam or other cushion 
•Red/gold/lavender card stock 
•Lavender satin ribbon 
• Pearl beads 
•Corner rounder 
•Double sided foam tape
•Wire Cutter 
•Needle tool or pin 
•Craft knife 



Large Card

Step #1

Adhere a piece of "Hats on Purple" to piece of Lavender card stock. Cut out mount shapes 3 1/8 in square with opening 1 7/8 x 2 3/8 in. Round the Corners, then apply foam tape to the back.

Step #2

Cut a piece of Gold Card stock to make a card that is 4 x 9 in.

Step #3

Cut piece of red card stock slightly smaller than front of gold card.

Step #4

Cut piece of lavender ribbon slightly larger than red card stock and adhere down the center, overlapping to the back on the bottom and making a loop on the top.

Step #5

Cut 2 pieces lavender card stock slightly smaller than frame pieces and round the corners.

Step #6

Attach the wire shapes to lavender card stock by making tiny holes through both layers with needle tool or pin (place on foam cushion to do this) in several places. Make horseshoe shapes with the matching wire. Insert these horseshoe shapes through the tiny holes around shapes and secure by flattening open on the back of the card stock.

Step #7

Adhere frames to wired squares and apply super tape to the back.

Step #8

Align wired frame shapes on red card stock, allowing room for pearls and bow.

Step #9

Make small bow from lavender ribbon and glue over ribbon loop with Fabric-Tac.

Step #10

Make slits or holes where necessary and attach pearl beads.

Step #11

Apply red line tape to the red card stock and adhere to front end of card.

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