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  Artistic Wire Daisy Jewelry

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By: Susy Garner
Techniques: Basic Stringing Components, Jump Rings and Wire Wrapping.   
Skill Level: Beginner
• Various colors of 24-ga and 22-ga Artistic Wire®
• 10mm beads (for the centers of your daisies). Make sure that 22-ga wire can go through the beads.
• 8mm - 10mm Jump Rings
• Clasps
• Extension chain if needed

• Coiling Gizmo® Deluxe Winder
• Jewelry pliers (flat nose, chain nose, round nose, flush cutters, nylon jaw pliers)



Make a Coiled-Coil: Step #1

Using a length of approximately 60” of 24-ga wire, make a 4.5” long coil on the 1.6 mm diameter mandrel (second to smallest mandrel in the Coiling Gizmo® Deluxe Winder)

Step #2

Take the coil off the mandrel and trim off excess wire.

Step #3

Cut a 15” length of 22-ga wire of the same color.

Step #4

Using the same mandrel as in step 1, secure the 22-ga wire onto the mandrel and make one coil.

Step #5

Thread the 4.5” coil you made in step 1 onto the 22-ga wire still attached to the mandrel.

Step #6

Push the coiled wire up to the mandrel and coil it (with the 22-ga wire inside of it) approx. 16 times around the mandrel.

Step #7

Remove the coiled-coil off the mandrel. DO NOT CUT the wires yet.

Create the Daisy’s Petals: Step #8

Trim off the excess wire (the wire tail attached to the mandrel), leaving the longer remaining wire on the opposite side of the coiled-coil intact.

Step #9

Thread the remaining 22-ga wire through the opposite side of the coiled-coil you just created.

Step #10

Pull and tighten the wire thus, forming a circle of coiled-coil wire.

Step #11

Adjust the coils so that they are evenly distributed throughout the circle.

Complete the Daisy: Step #12

For the center of the daisy, thread a 10 mm bead onto the remaining 22-ga wire and carry the wire over to the opposite side of the daisy.

Step #13

Wrap the wire once around the opposite side.

Step #14

Secure the remaining wire by wrapping it twice around the wire that the bead is strung onto (inside the coiled-coil circle).

Step #15

Trim off any excess wire.

Making the Jewelry: Step #16

To connect the wire daisies, use 8-10 mm open jump rings and/or wire wrapped beads.

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