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  Book and Letter Holder

By: Lynda Musante
Techniques: Twisting and cutting wire. 
Skill Level: Beginner
Artistic Wire Tinned Copper 20 & 26 gauge
•4 mm beads, 22 Silver "E" beads
•63 black fabric covered, headband, plastic hair comb, black knitted purse.  
•Wire Cutter
•Round Nose Pliers.



Book Holder

Step #1

Start by straightening approximately 60 in of 10 gauge wire and form it into a "U" shape.  

Step #2

Hold wire at bottom of "U" shape. Starting with the right side, bend wire towards you, leaving approximately 4in of wire from the middle of where the bend curves (refer to picture). Bend wire away from you and create spiral. Repeat instructions for the left side.

Step #3

Connect the spiral to the first bend in two different areas approximately 1 in apart with 18 gauge tinned copper wire on both sides.

Step #4

Bend bottom of "U" up slightly. 

Letter Holder 

Step #1

Using 10 gauge tinned copper wire form a coil on one end of wire. Coil will be approximately 2 1/2in  in diameter. 

Step #2

Place wire with coil on rolling pin and start wrapping around 10 times, making sure coils are as close as possible to each other. Make 10 coils, remove from pin and create coil at opposite end. 

Step #3

Add flat stones or beads to the center of each coil, adhere with glue. (optional, not seen in photo)

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