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  Black Rose Wire Mesh Necklace

By: Leslie Rogalski
Techniques: Stringing, crimping, jump rings, & making wire wrapped loops.
Skill Level: Advanced
•1 yd 10mm wide Black Artistic Wire Mesh  
•1 yd 18mm wide black Artistic Wire Mesh   
•43 size 4.37mm black jump rings  
•21" gunmetal oval link chain 
•1 yd Beadalon silver color .015 beading wire 
•2 c-crimps (silver)   
•2 #2 silver colored crimp tubes  
•2 silver 5mm crimp covers  
•2 hematite plated lobster clasps 
•1 Upper Clasp ™ round petal imitation pearl box clasp  
•2 NF silver .5" adjustable 3 petal bead caps 
•13 size 50mm silver ball end head pins  
•2 pieces 24 gauge silver Artistic wire each 4" 
•12 size 7x4mm Swarovski Crystal Moonlight drop beads 
•13 size 12mm Swarovski crystal Artemis beads  
•26 size 4mm round matte black glass beads  
•12 Lucite leaves, deep rose pink or fuchsia 
•Size 11 matte black seed beads  
•1 gunmetal steampunk wind-up key 
•Craft scissors to cut wire mesh.
•Chain nose pliers
•Round nose pliers
•Wire Snips



Step #1

Scrunch the Wire Mesh into ruffles. Leaving about 5/8" of wire mesh flat at each end, stretch and pull the rest of each piece of mesh wire mesh to have ruffles. Pull out at the sides. Pulling the ruffles in a spiral instead of straight down the length will have a more pleasing, organic look.

Step #2

Crimp ends of Wire Mesh. Match a flat end of the wide wire mesh to a flat end of the narrow wire mesh. Squash the ends as small and condensed into as flat an end as possible with your fingers. Crimp tightly with a c-crimp catching both flat pieces of the wire mesh. Use a 3" piece of 22 gauge silver wire to make a very small wire wrapped loop on the c-crimp loop.

Step #3

Add the end cone. Thread the wire tail through the end cone. Fold the end cone's 3 petals so one is flat against the back of the wire mesh, and the other two petals fold against the sides of the wire mesh in the c-crimp. On the wire tail exiting the end cone make a wire wrapped loop that holds the cone snug against the c-crimp.

Step #4

Make the chain dangles. Artemis crystals dangles: On a ball end headpin string 1 black round, 1 Artemis crystal and 1 black round. Make a small wire wrapped loop with 2 wraps and trim. Repeat for a total of 13 Artemis dangles. Key dangle: Open 1 black jump ring and string 1 Artemis dangle. String through one key hole and close the jump ring.

Step #5

Attach Lucite leaves and Artemis crystal dangles to chain. Find the middle link of your chain. Open 1 black jump ring and string on the empty key hole. Close the jump ring onto the chain. The key will hang askew.

Step #6

Attach the dangles to the chain. Work out from the middle of the chain using black jump rings to attach dangles symmetrically on each side of the necklace. TIP: Open all jump rings first. TIP: Pay attention to the way the links sit so your dangles hang from the same side of each link. From the key focal on one side of the necklace chain, skip 2 chain links and attach 1 Artemis dangle. String 1 Lucite leaf on a jump ring. Skip one link from the Artemis dangle and attach the leaf. Continue to alternate leaves and Artemis crystals on every other link, for a total of 6 leaves and 5 Artemis dangles. Repeat for the other side of the necklace chain. Each link with a dangle should be parallel, so note the way the chain is oriented as you work.

Step #7

Attach wire mesh sections to chain. Count up 13 links from the last leaf dangle on one side of the chain. Open that chain link and string on the wire wrapped loop of one end cap. Close the chain link. Repeat on the chain on the other side of the necklace.

Step #8

Add the clasp. Open the two end links on the chain and attach one end link to each clasp loop. Close the links. 

Step #9

Add crystal drop dangles to wire mesh. These dangles help keep the ruffles styled nicely and add touches of sparkle. Hang the necklace for this step to style the ruffles. Use a display neck, a large rolled cone of cardboard, or pin the necklace to a small cork board and lean the board upright: the goal is to simulate the way the necklace will hang on the curve of a neckline. Open all 14 back jump rings. Gently work 1 jump ring through the edges of both mesh pieces in the middle of the ruffle section, connecting the wide and narrow pieces. (The edges are denser areas of the mesh.) String 1 crystal drop on the open jump ring so it hangs in the front of the ruffle. Close the ring. Repeat, scattering the drops around the edges of the ruffles (inside and outside edges) to connect them. Add extra dangles to embellish the wire mesh near the end caps.

Step #10

Removable strand of crystal drops and seed beads. Place a bead stopper on one end of a 36" piece of beading wire leaving a 3" tail. String 2 ¼" of black seed beads. String 1 crystal drop and 5 seed beads. Repeat alternating sections of seed beads and crystal drops for a total of 55 crystal drops. String 2 ¼" of black seed beads. Place another bead stopper on this wire end. Hold up the new strand to the rest of the necklace so the ends meet the last links of the chain next to the box clasp, allowing an extra ½" on each end for the clasps to be added--the strand should hang slightly longer than the Lucite leaves on the chain after the lobster clasps are crimped on.  Add or subtract an equal amount of seed beads from both ends of the wire as needed to get the desired length.

Step #11

Add lobster clasps to both ends of the drop and seed bead strand. On one wire end string 1 crimp tube, 1 lobster clasp and pass back through the crimp tube and several seed beads. Crimp securely allowing enough ease in the wire loop for the lobster to swing. Slide 1 crimp cover over the crimped tube and close securely. Slide all the beads up to the crimped clasp and trim the tail. Repeat to add the lobster clasp on the other end. Hook the clasps to the last chain link on either side of the box clasp.

Artistic Wire Mesh Necklace

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