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  Blackberries and Vine Necklace

By: Fernando Dasilva
Techniques: Stringing
Skill Level: Advanced
•Beadalon 49  strands silver colored   .018” stringing wire
•2 silver-plated 6mm round jump rings 
•3 – 6mm stardust round crimp covers
•2 – 14mm silver plated  pinch bails 
•1m – 10mm hematite color Artistic Wire mesh 
•1 set silver-plated mesh clasp 
•3 silver-plated #3 crimp tubes
•1 ft 20 gauge silver-plated German style wire
•Beadalon stringing glue
•36 - 12mm dark grey pearls -  article # 5810
•2 – 30 x 14mm jet navette pendants – article 6110
•10 – 8mm jet round crystal beads – article 5000

•Design beading scissors 
•Round nose pliers 
•Semi flush cutters 
•Flat nose pliers 
•Standard bead crimp tool



Step #1

Use a sharpie pen to open mesh uniformly. Pull mesh all way down to shrink it.

Step #2

String beads onto stringing wire, starting with one jet crystal followed by 4 grey pearls – repeat that until all beads are used. 

Step #3

Making a simple and short loop with stringing wire itself and then finish strand of pearls using crimp tubes and crimp covers.

Step #4

Using German style wire, make a long stick with smooth loop in one of the ends and use it to pass strand of beads through shrunk portion of mesh.

Step #5

Pass long stick made with German-style  through squeezed section of mesh.

Step #6

Run mesh throughout the entire length of pearl necklace creating a metallic and netted surface.

Step #7

Gently rub your fingers through beaded section to turn it into a metallic rope-like necklace. 

Step #8

Place an overhand knot next to each of the ends of beaded section. 

Step #9

Cover ¼ inch area of both ends of mesh with bead stringing glue. Let it dry and trim it to create a clean cut. Glue will protect mesh ends against fraying.

Step #10

Use width of flat nose pliers to folder mesh 3 times, add bead stringing glue on top of folded area, and then insert into mesh clasp (use lobster portions only) pressing it down until entire mesh end is secure.

Step #11

Close pinch bail around a jet crystal drop, cut off top loop of pinch bail and then replace it with a 6mm jump ring. Open one of the lobster clasp and attach to it. Attach second drop on same fashion.

Step #12

Play with mesh between end of beaded section and drops, twist and stretch on opposite directions to create ruffles.

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