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  3-in-1 Mesh and Chain Necklace

By: Margot Potter 
Techniques: Twisting, beading and cutting wire and mesh.  
Skill Level: Beginner
•18mm blue porcelain rounds
•12mm faceted a/b finish grey glass round
•8mm peridot green faceted glass round 
•11mm jet faceted glass rondelle 
•4 3mm faceted black round
• 2 3mm hematite rondelles 
•Gold 18mm Artistic Wire mesh 
•Hematite 18mm Artistic Wire mesh
•Black 10mm Artistic Wire mesh 
•26 gauge tinned silver Artistic Wire 
•3 12 ¼” elongated hematite chain lengths 
•Silver tone heart shaped lobster clasp 
•6 silver plated cones 
•2 6mm silver tone jump rings
•1 10mm silver tone jump ring.

•Round Nose Pliers
•2 pairs Chain Nose Pliers
•Flush Cutters



Step #1

Use chain nose pliers to open links and remove three 12 ¼” segments of chain.

Step #2

Working from spool, tie a knot about 2” from end of gold mesh. Repeat moving down 2” and knot 5 segments, move down 2” and cut mesh from spool.

Step #3

Twist ends of mesh and wrap with 26 gauge wire tightly.

Step #4

Thread wire end into a cone, use round nose pliers to create a coiled loop. Cut off excess wire and tuck tail with chain nose pliers. Repeat for opposite side.

Step #5

Use fingers to gently tug both sides of mesh on each 2” segment.

Step #6

Cut off a 19” segment of hematite mesh. Knot one end leaving a ¼”, twist this tightly. Add a porcelain bead, knot and continue leaving 2” between each bead for a total of 4 beads. When you reach the final bead, knot and twist the end tightly.

Step #7

Use fingers to gently tug both sides of mesh on each segment.

Step #8

Wrap coiled ends with 26 gauge wire and insert into cones, forming a coiled loop as in steps 3-4.

Step #9

For the final segment, cut off 24” segment of black mesh. Twist wire end tightly. Move down two inches and knot, adding a bead. Tie a knot after the bead to secure.

Step #10

Continue alternating between knotted beads and 2” mesh segments until you reach the final 2” mesh segment. Twist ends of mesh tightly, coil with 26 gauge wire, thread into cones and finish with a coiled loop.

Step #11

Create three coiled dangles using star tip head pins and remaining beads: green bead with hematite rondelles at top and bottom, black bead with black rounds at top and bottom and grey bead with black rounds at top and bottom.

Step #12

To finish necklace, connect all three chains to one 6mm jump ring adding the three mesh strands. Add the beaded dangles to front of jump ring on a 10mm jump rings.

Step #13

Attach all three chains to a 6mm jump ring and add clasp to the opposite side. Add a final 6mm jump ring connecting all three mesh strands together.

Step #14

The necklace can be worn with chains at back or chains can be dropped one or two to the front.

Artistic Wire Mesh Necklace

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