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DWFleurDeLisBracelet   Fleur De Lis Bracelet
DWFreshwaterPearlNecklace   Freshwater Pearl Necklace
DWFunkyDiceNecklace   Funky Dice Necklace
DWFunkyWireBottle   Funky Wired Bottle Necklace
DWGhost-Necklace   Ghost Necklace
DWGildedLaternEarrings   Gilded Lantern Earrings
DWGoldWireMesh   Gold Wire Mesh Rose Bracelet with Pearls
DWGoldenWavesNecklace   Golden Waves Necklace
DWgratitudejournal   Gratitude Journal
DWGreatBallsofWire   Great Balls of Wire Necklace
DWHaremNecklace   Harem Necklace
DWHarlequinCandleHolder   Harlequin Candle Holder
DWHarvestJewelrySet   Harvest Jewelry Set
DWHeartsonWire   Hearts on Wire Necklace
DWHoopsnLoops   Hoops-n-Loops Jewelry Set
DWIstanbulNecklace   Istanbul Necklace
DWJetMeshEarrings   Jet Mesh Earrings
224S-010   Jewelers Saw blades Size 1/0, Thin, 144 pc
224S-020   Jewelers Saw blades Size 2/0, Thinner, 144 pc
224S-030   Jewelers Saw blades Size 3/0, Thinnest, 144 pc
224S-100   Jewelers Saw frame with Blade assortment, 12 each of 3/0, 2/0, 1/0 sizes
DWJumpRingCharmBracelet   Jump Ring Charm Bracelet
DWKumihimoFlatBraidChain   Kumihimo Flat Braid and Chain
DWLacyRuffleBracelet   Lacy Ruffle Bracelet
228A-414   Lazee Daizee Draw Plate
228A-418   Lazee Daizee Viking Knit Kit
228A-410   Lazee Daizee Viking Knit Tool
228S-018   Leather Pad For Block & Anvil
DWMagentaTassel-   Magenta Tassel Necklace & Earrings
DWMeringue-Earrings   Meringue Earrings
228A-635   Metal Pegs 3/4 in X 3/32 in, (19 mm x 2.4 mm), 20 pc
228A-634   Metal Pegs 5/8 in X 3/32 in, (15.88 mm x 2.4 mm), 20 pc
228A-614   Metal Pegs, 1/2 in x 1/16 in (12.7x1.6 mm), 20 pc
DWMobiusEarrings   Mobius Earrings
DWMyBabyPinkDragonsScales   My Baby Pink Dragons’ Scales
JTNJ3REP   Nylon Flat Nose Replacement Tips
228S-010   Nylon Head Hammer
JTNJ3   Nylon Jaw Flat Nose Pliers
JTNJ1   Nylon Jaw Pliers
JTNJ4   Nylon Jaw Round Nose Pliers
JTNJ5   Nylon Jaw Round/Flat Nose Pliers
JTNJ4REP   Nylon Round Nose Replacement Tips
228A-055   Oval Jump Ring Maker 4 mm x 6 mm, 5 mm x 7 mm, 6 mm x 8 mm (0.157 in x 0.236 in, 0.2 in x 0.276 in, 0.236 in x 0.315 in)
DWOysterRibbonBracelet   Oyster Ribbon Bracelet
DWPantoneParty   Pantone Party Jewelry Set
DWParallelFlowerBracelet   Parallel Flower With Crystals Bracelet
201F-312   Plastic Jaw Pliers, Econo
JTPROFWIN   Professional Deluxe Coiling Gizmo, 5 Rods, 7mm, 5mm, 3mm, 2.5mm, 1mm x 38.1cm
DWPsychedelicTiara   Psychedelic Tiara
DWRedAlertBracelets   Red Alert Bracelets
228A-300   Ring Mandrel Aluminum 10 in (25.4 cm)
228A-310   Ring Mandrel Aluminum 6.25 in (15.8 cm)
228A-051   Round Jump Rings Maker, 10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm, 16 mm (0.4 in, 0.47 in, 0.55 in, 0.63 in)
228A-050   Round Jump Rings Maker, 4 mm, 6 mm, 7 mm, 8 mm (0.157 in, 0.236 in, 0.276 in, 0.315 in)
228A-200   Round Multi Jump Rings Mandrel 2 pc
228S-220   Rubber Bench Block, Black 4 in x 4 in (10 cm x 10 cm), Square
DWSHAGGYBracelet1   Shaggy Loop Bracelet
DWShaggyEarrings   Shaggy Loop Earrings
DWSilverPassionNecklace   Silver Passion Necklace
201A-410   Snub Nose Chain Maille Pliers by The ChainMaille Lady
228K-100   Steel Bench Black, Chrome Plated, 1 7/8 in (47.6 mm x 47.6 mm), Square, With Hammer
228S-200   Steel Bench Black, Chrome Plated, 1 7/8 in x 1 7/8 in (47.6 mm x 47.6 mm), Square
DWSummerFun   Summer Fun Bracelet
DWSummerFunBracelets   Summer Fun Bracelets
228A-637   Super Pegs Large, Round, 3/32 in (2.4 mm), 3 pc
228A-636   Super Pegs Small Round, 3/32 in (2.4 mm), 6 pc
228A-616   Super Pegs, Large, Round, 1/16 in (1.6 mm), 3 pc
228A-615   Super Pegs, Small Round, 1/16 in (1.6 mm), 6 pc
228A-613   Super Premium Peg Set 1/16 in (1.6 mm), 18 pc
228A-633   Super Premium Peg Set 3/32 in (2.4 mm), 18 pc
DWThankyouCard   Thank You Card
DWThankfulCard   Thankful Fall Festive Creating Card
AWA-201E025   Tool Kit, Chain and Bent Nose Pliers, 2 pc
DWTwistedMeshNecklace   Twisted Mesh Necklace/Lariat
A323X-199   Variety Pack, Clasps, Toggle, Assorted, 3 sets
A315X-199   Variety Pack, Large, Lobster, & Tag, Assorted, 4 sets
DWVirgoNecklace   Virgo Necklace
DWWanderlust-Jewelry-Set-   Wanderlust Jewelry Set
228A-612   Wigjig Centaur 1/16 in (1.6 mm), 20 pegs
228A-611   Wigjig Cyclops 1/16 in (1.6 mm), 10 pegs
228A-632   Wigjig Electra 3/32 in (2.4 mm), 20pegs
228A-630   Wigjig Olympus 3/32 in (2.4 mm), 40pegs
DWWingedEarrings   Winged Earrings
DWwireYarnBracelets   Wire and Yarn Bracelets
DWwiremeshByzantnecklace   Wire Mesh Wrapped Byzantine Chainmaille Necklace
208F-001   Wire Rounder
228A-100   Wire Twister 2-5 Hole
228K-075   Wire Twister and Jump Rings Maker Set
MTWISTER   Wire Twister, 10.5 in (26.7 cm)
MTWISTERSM   Wire Twister, 8.25 in (21 cm)
DWWireWadDesign   Wire Wad Beaded Bracelet
DWWired-Topiary-Cards   Wired Topiary Cards
228S-500   Wooden Ring/Wire Clamp with leather tip inserts and wedge

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