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Artistic Wire
Artistic Wire is available in the largest selection of exclusive Colors and Gauges that offer striking beauty and shine. Choose colors that complement one another to achieve warm, colorful designs. Or, make a statement and add drama to your designs by using contrasting colors. The only limit in working with colored wire is your imagination.
Artistic Wire Braid
Shiny, delicate, and unique, you will love designing with Artistic Wire Braid! Wires are twisted together - and then together again - to create a braid pattern that has an undeniable wow factor. Available in Tarnish Resistant Silver, Rose Gold Color, and Tarnish Resistant Brass in 10, 12, and 14 gauge. Made in the USA by Beadalon.
Twisted Artistic Wire
Give your designs a twist with Twisted Artistic Wire! Three strands of Artistic Wire are twisted together to make a truly unique textured wire. Use this wire in your designs to add an interesting appearance and feel. Feature Artistic Wire Twisted in your next design to make a statement and add drama.
Flat Artistic Wire
Artistic Wire goes flat! Use this versatile tarnish resistant flat copper wire to create spirals and twists, or bend it into all kinds of shapes to create dangles, drops, bracelets, rings, and even home décor items. Incorporate round Artistic Wire for a colorful design with lots of texture. Copper core wire 0.75 x 3.0 mm (0.12 x 0.03 in) with tarnish resistant color coating is stronger than flat aluminum wire.
Aluminum Craft Wire
Aluminum Craft Wire is another weapon in your wire wrapping arsenal. This naturally soft tempered, 12 gauge wire is ideal to use with the 3D Bracelet Jig to create beautiful cuff bracelets, or you can use this wire with the Conetastic Tool to make color coordinated necklace cones and anywhere you need a light weight, heavy gauge, thick wire that is easy to bend. Aluminum Artistic Wire colors are anodized, not coated.
Artistic Wire Assortments
More is better, especially when it’s colored Artistic Wire! Choose Wire Assortment Packs when you want a variety of wires in one convenient package that feature several different colors.
Findings Forms™
Artistic Wire Findings Forms™ are Patent Pending fixed peg jigs that allow you to make your own findings from 20-24 gauges of Artistic Wire and Beadalon German Style Wire. Each Finding Form comes with a detailed, step-by-step full color instruction sheet that is easy to follow. Now you can make your own findings out of colored wire to complement the colors of beads and stringing material within your design.
Wrap these base metal multi-shaped findings using a complimentary color and size Artistic Wire to capture beads, cabochons, or other items inside the Wrapper. Begin by wrapping the end of the wire around the finding at a starting point then wrap the wire across and around the finding utilizing the small notches to secure the wire and encapsulate the item in the center.
Aluminum Fabric
Aluminum Fabric is a great creative component that can be embellished with jump rings or wire. Use the piece as-is or simply cut it to a desired shape or size. Each dot is connected to bars that can be easily cut away with wire cutters.
Chain Maille
Made from Artistic Wire, these jump rings are precision cut and system matched for diameter and color consistency. Accurate inside diameters retain design aspect ratios, plus, the consistent shape of these rings help maintain a uniform geometric weave. Rings can be opened and closed using the Snub Nose, Regular, or Bent Chain Nose Pliers.
Artistic Wire Mesh is permanently colored copper wire woven into a mesh tube that’s been flattened. Its hollow tubular design can be stretched, condensed, strung on, filled, tied, glued, and more! Fill the wire mesh with beads, shaped wire, or stretch the mesh to create 3-D shapes. To finish-off Artistic Wire Mesh, crimp it with C-Crimp findings, tie it, or try wrapping it with Artistic Wire.
Findings make your design literally come together. Choose from a variety of Artistic Wire Findings that are used to clasp, encapsulate, connect, and more! Pick from a variety of shapes and colors that compliment any color and size Artistic Wire!
Tools and Jigs
Artistic Wire Tools and Jigs come in all shapes and sizes to help you choose the right tool for the job. Pliers, coilers, writers, jigs, and other shaping tools all help you achieve the design you want.
Artistic Wire Booklets are a valuable resource to help you expand your design skills. Each booklet features large pictures with instructions to guide and inspire your creativity.
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